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What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is often described as an e-portfolio system but it is much more accurately described as a Personal Learning and Assessment System. It is used in a wide range of learning contexts by students, teachers and professionals, and can support the learning activities of individuals, groups, and organisations. It contains both a space to support individual personal learning (Pebble+) and a space to support institutional teaching, learning and assessment (ATLAS).

Pebble+ provides a private, secure Personal Space where individuals can plan, record and demonstrate their independent learning wherever it occurs. A range of inbuilt templates supports users as they develop their learning abilities. All templates are underpinned by a reflective structure to ensure users create thoughtful, meaningful and valuable records of learning and experience. These records can be selected and collated into various types of presentations which can be shared with different audiences for a range of purposes including assessment, accreditation, and application.

Need help with PebblePad?

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