Moodle Do’s and Don'ts

Many people have different ideas about what they want out of their Moodle site. Whether you use Moodle as a central resource for your unit with active forums, quizzes and assignments; or use Moodle simply as a place for you to house lecture materials, Moodle has become an essential part of the learning experience at Monash. 

Here is a list of Do’s and Don'ts which we hope will make managing your Moodle site easier.


DO - Present your content meaningfully

Placing content into weeks or topics not only makes it easier for you to maintain your site but it also helps students track where to find their readings, quizzes and assignments. 

Consistency within your Moodle site(s) will provide students with an easier


DON’T - Add all content into on block

In the past we’ve seen plenty of Moodle sites with endless content added to the one block, causing the ‘Scroll of Death’ (see below). This is a trap that many have fallen in and it is almost impossible to maintain a site like this. Our new templates (above) which we are rolling out throughout the faculty will help with improving this process.




DON’T - Loading all videos (even embedded Youtube streams) as labels onto the front page

...of your Moodle site can cause some major performance issues for yourself and students.

What happens is the videos will load every time anyone views your Moodle page. So if you have 20 videos on your page and 50 students accessing your Moodle site at once, then you will have 1000 videos loading at a time. This will cause your Moodle site to run slowly. 

If you are loading videos into your site, consider placing them in ‘pages.’



DO - Maintain your Gradebook throughout the semester yourself endless time later. Moodle makes the process easier by automatically adding each graded activity (Assignment, Quiz) to the Gradebook. 

Use Categories to group quizzes or non graded items. View the Learning Resources or contact our team 

This has been made easier in Moodle 3.1 (See Five new Features to look out for post Moodle Upgrade)


DO - Be prepared and request your Moodle site early

Due to varying preferences, Moodle sites aren’t rolled over automatically for each teaching period. You can submit the Site Request Form at any time to request your Moodle Site.  

DON’T - Use generic Quiz question names

When building your questions in the question bank, make sure you are specific in naming each question. If you ever need to edit, delete or re-use a question down the track it can be hard locating the question if it is called ‘Question 1’.



DON’T - Time your Quizzes and Assignment due dates to run outside of  support hours.

During Semester, eSolutions support times for students are:

Mon-Thu: 8am - 8pm | Fri: 8am - 6pm | Sat: 10am - 3pm 

This will prevent you getting panicking emails from students if they experience computer issues. 

DON’T - Leave your Turnitin Due Date until the last minute

Due to Turnitin taking from 30 min to up to a day to generate a text matching report, it's wise to set your Turnitin due date to a time BEFORE your Assignment due date. This will allow students time to submit, view their report and make any changes required before submitting.

DO - Join our FMNHS Community Moodle site.

Join in the discussion and keep up to date with all our eLearning news by joining our FMNHS Community Moodle site.

Enter the Enrolment Key - ‘Community’ to join.

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