Five new Features to look out for post Moodle Upgrade

Dec 1 2016

1. User Interface


There has been some changes to how your Moodle site looks. My Home has been replaced by the ‘Dashboard’.


Your profile has also been made sticky so it appears on all screens.

Recycle Bin

NEW to Moodle is the Recycle Bin. This allows you to recover deleted files and folders for up to 14 days. 

For more information on the new User Interface please see:


2. Assignments

There is a new Assignment marking menu

Moodle Assignment marking has undergone a facelift and you can mark and annotate assignments directly within Moodle on the one screen (currently available for PDF submissions only)

Also in Assignments

  • Files may be attached to Assignment descriptions
  • File type for submissions can be specified
  • Improvements to Group Assignments 

Turnitin integration is still on its way. Stay tuned! 

For more information on the new Assignment Annotation please see:


3. Quizzes

Moodle Quizzes have improved significantly in 3.1 with far more flexibility around .. as well as four additional question types.

Conditional Questions

Quizzes have now become more interactive with Conditional Questions. This new ‘branching’ option allows for certain questions to be asked dependant on which answer students have given.

New Question Types 

The four new question times are:

 For more information on the Quizzes in 3.1 please see:


 4. Gradebook 

There has been some significant improvements made to the Moodle Gradebook and we can break this down into two key changes.

Natural aggregation method

One of the most common queries we receive around return of results time is how to set your Gradebook up to calculate students grade easily. Well this has been made so much easier in Moodle 3.1. 

The new ‘Natural aggregation method’ has replaced the ‘Sum of Grades’ option and this uses the allocated grade of a grade item to weight contribution to unit total of assessment items. 

Or in simple terms, you put the % value of the assessment item in the box and Moodle will calculate the Unit Total for you! 

How easy is that!!

Sticky Headings

The other thing we link in the new Gradebook is the top and side headings are sticky, so you will never lose your place in the Gradebook again!

For more information on the Gradebook in 3.1 please see:


5. Forum

Lets face it, it’s hard to get too excited about Moodle Forums, however there’s some features which we think will make your Moodle experience just that bit more enjoyable.

Post to all Groups

You can now post a single forum message to multiple groups at once. Previously you had to copy and paste your message to each group to start a discussion so this has streamlined this process.

Pinned posts

Do you have some important information that you want to appear at the top of your forum


News Forum is now called 'Announcements'

We now have Permalinks

You can easily subscribe to individual forums

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