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eLearning Services work with various schools and departments within the Faculty to provide custom and innovative solutions to improve student learning, teaching quality and staff efficiency.

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Some of the projects we have worked on with various schools and departments within the Faculty are shown below. 


A student resource to aid learning. The site includes a core drug list, as well as correct dosage and route of administration information, and various self-assessment modules that students can undertake to test their knowledge.

Augmented Experience Modules (AXM)

AXM is designed to promote student learning with real patients and consists of 5 steps:

  1. Patient identification: A patient with a particular medical or surgical condition is identified
  2. Pre-interview learning: Before seeing the patient, the student then learns about the condition through an interactive experience
  3. Patient interview: The student then sees the patient with the module providing tips on what to ask and look for and records the information
  4. Gathering results: The student looks up the relevant patient investigations and enters them into the module
  5. Assessment: The student is assessed on what they have learnt through multiple-choice questions

The outcome is a student who has learnt about a condition, which has been reenforced through a real patient experience and they have tested their knowledge in context. They also retain a de-identified record of their patient encounters as a resource that can be reviewed later.

Metabolic Challenge

An interactive online resource designed to assist students learning biochemistry. It includes self-paced exercises which employ a problem based approach to address metabolism issues.

The exercises are complemented by a set of interactive tutorials covering the basic principles of metabolism.

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